Writing after around 2 years. Suddenly got this thought that I’ve come a little far leaving something behind, which gives me peace.. And I could come up with what’s going on these days. This life and me, it’s complicated!

This life, it is too hard to understand.
It’s hard to get what our own life is saying.
I wake up, go to work, get back, eat, sleep, repeat.
I meet lots of people everyday. With some I’m totally me. With some I’m someone who I can never be. I laugh, I smile, I make them laugh and I cry.
Yes I cry, when I feel low, when I’m hurt.
Sometimes my boss appreciates & I’m a little high in the sky, I’m happy.
Sometimes I hit the ground pretty hard and I’m all left with tears.
Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about the one who criticized me,
Sometimes all I think about, is the way I’m looking today.
I’m a strong woman sometimes,
Sometimes I’m a childish character.
I’m vulnerable sometimes, and easily hurt.
I’m full of anger sometimes to blow people away.
I love people around me sometimes
Sometimes I hate the same people the most
I want to live alone, and I want to live with someone too.
I want to love someone very passionately sometimes
Sometimes I won’t even believe if love exists.
Sometimes I would miss my past,
I would wish to place the things the way they were before,
Sometimes I’ll think, I’ve tried to do this already,
Sometimes I’ll cry for the same reason,
Sometimes I feel like I don’t give a shit anymore.
Sometimes I wish to visit my family,
To embrace my granny,
To tell her how much I miss her and love her,
To meet my mom n dad n to hug them both at the same time,
Sometimes I’ll only shed tears missing them.
Sometimes I’ll cook,
Sometimes I’ll dance alone,
I won’t brush my hair for more than 3 days sometimes,
Sometimes I’ll look like a daydream.
I would listen to linkin park sometimes very loud,
Sometimes all I’ll listen to is “Arijit’s”.
Sometimes I would wish to explore the world, visit every where,
Sometimes I’ll just lie n do nothing.
Sometimes I’ll write things insanely,
And then I’ll erase them sometimes.
I would want to get wasted sometimes
N sometimes I would want to be treated like a princess.
Sometimes I want that special one around me,
But sometimes the scared heart would say, let’s enjoy your solitude 🙂



Got a job!! :) :)

And finally I can also feel the pleasure of being employed. 😉 It feels satisfied really. I had waited for a long time and here it comes. Mphasis, an HP company!

I can sense the happiness in my parents heart ❤ I really am glad that I’m the reason behind their happiness 🙂

Thank you God 🙂

Dream .. ^_^

How blessed you feel when your mother kisses your forehead ? I was sleeping in my dream and there was someone calling out my name. He was disturbing me. My mother scolded that person and said “let her sleep, she is tired” and she came to me and kissed my forehead and cheeks too. And I didn’t let her go by taking her in my arms. That moment was incredible even if it was just a dream, it filled my heart with an eternal satisfaction.
But here I am, away from my family and missing them like anything. I miss you mommy. I love you 🙂 :*

Ahhh finally !!

Hey there! For a long time, i was like dying to write here and here i am.. 🙂
I have got a lot to take care about right now but being here is satisfaction. All i want is to spend a little time with me, writing about the stuffs that is residing in my mind which is eagerly waiting to come out to this charming world.
Life is all about ups and downs. But we have to keep ourselves strong enough to go through the things and survive there like a big tree with a mighty root. And my life is waiting to take a U-turn and me too 🙂
A real struggle is there!
So, Mr. Struggle, wait for me, i’m coming..!! 🙂 🙂